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Balance Training After TBI

Balance Training
After TBI

Balance training after traumatic brain injury (TBI) focuses on improving stability and reducing the risk of falls by targeting impaired balance and coordination. Through a combination of exercises, proprioceptive training, and vestibular rehabilitation, individuals with TBI can regain their balance and enhance their overall functional abilities.


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What is balance training?

Balance training is a critical component of rehabilitation following a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI can disrupt the brain's ability to process sensory information and coordinate movements, leading to impaired balance and increased risk of falls. Balance training programs aim to address these challenges, helping individuals with TBI regain stability, improve coordination, and enhance their overall functional abilities.

Balance training after TBI involves a comprehensive approach that focuses on strengthening the muscles, improving proprioception (awareness of body position), and optimizing the vestibular system's function (responsible for balance and spatial orientation). Physical therapists or rehabilitation specialists design customized programs based on the individual's specific needs and abilities.


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These programs may include exercises such as weight shifting, standing on unstable surfaces, practicing various standing positions, and performing dynamic movements. Additionally, visual and cognitive exercises may be incorporated to challenge and improve the brain's ability to process information during balance tasks.

Balance training not only reduces the risk of falls but also promotes independence and participation in daily activities. It can help individuals regain confidence in their movements, improve posture, and enhance overall mobility.

The duration and intensity of balance training will vary based on the severity of the TBI and the individual's progress. The training is typically conducted in a supervised setting and may be complemented by assistive devices or supportive equipment as needed.

By focusing on improving balance and coordination, balance training after TBI plays a crucial role in restoring functionality, enhancing safety, and promoting a successful recovery. The guidance of trained healthcare professionals ensures a targeted and effective approach to address the specific balance challenges faced by individuals with TBI.

How we treat traumatic brain injuries

At Innovative Injury Solutions, we understand that every TBI and concussion case is unique. Our team of experienced providers takes pride in offering a wide range of treatments that promote the healing of neurological disorders resulting from trauma, and in many cases provides treatment at no cost to our patients. 


Balance Training after TBI
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